Pilgrims Choice Cheese selectionPilgrims Choice cheddar cheese has joined Tryfon Tseriotis Ltd as of December 2012 and it’s the new addition from the Irish Dairy Board gamma that finds its way to the Cypriot market through Tryfon Tseriotis.

Pilgrims Choice is one of the UK’s leading cheddar cheese brands and represents a legacy of age old cheese making. Cheese experts work tirelessly with suppliers from around the world to select only the best cheese for Pilgrims Choice.

Tryfon Tseriotis Ltd is committed for the sale, marketing and distribution of Pilgrims Choice in the Cypriot market.

Our vision is to provide optimum level for our products and services, that’s why we always do our best.

Pilgrims Choice with the guarantee of Tryfon Tseriotis Ltd.