Barilla celebrates pasta month with a real #masterofpasta. At a seminar held at the headquarters of Tryfon Tseriotis, Simon Traini, the Quality & Food Safety Specialist from Barilla Italy, spoke about the quality and superiority of Barilla Italian pasta.

The secret is in the raw material: durum wheat. All Barilla pasta is made with durum wheat, a special type of hard wheat, which produces high quality semolina. Its attributes, along with the right production process, allow Barilla pasta to maintain its cooking consistency, delicious flavour, and al dente texture.

The excellent quality of durum wheat used in Barilla pasta ensures that the energy is slowly released, according to your body’s needs. This helps maintain a stable glycemic index and helps our body feel fuller for longer. This is the secret of the Italians, who consume pasta as part of their daily diet!

Barilla, the largest Italian pasta company, only works with “the masters”. Barilla’s latest campaign features No.1 tennis player in the world, Roger Federer, who is a brand ambassador of Barilla, along with the Michelin-starred chef, Davide Oldani, in the most delightful cooking class. The two masters reveal the secrets of Italian cuisine, which lie in simplicity and pure ingredients.