BIRDSEYE_NEWLOGOBirds Eye is a leading International frozen food brand producing a range of high quality, delicious and convenient products mainly in the market segments of fish, vegetables and poultry.

The Birds Eye brand was originally launched in the 1930s by General Foods with the acquisition of General Seafood Corporation, a frozen-food company owned by Clarence Birds Eye.  Clarence Birdseye revolutionized the frozen food industry as he invented a method for quick-freezing food products in convenient packages without altering their original taste. Along with the General Seafood Corporation, General Foods also acquired the patents of Clarence Birdseye quick-freezing procedure.

Fast freezing became the cornerstone of the Birds Eye brand and the secret behind the natural, fresh, high quality products with the excellent taste and without the use of any artificial preservatives that Birds Eye is famous for.

Today, the Birds Eye Brand is held by different owners in various territories. In Europe, Birds Eye is part of Iglo Foods Group Limited owned by Nomad Foods Group while in the US it is owned by Pinnacle Foods. Iglo Group is the market leading frozen foods business in Europe and operates under three brands: Birds Eye (UK and Ireland), Iglo (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands) and Findus (Italy).

The Birds Eye brand meets the growing demand for healthy, convenient and sustainable food and its corporate ambition is to establish a premium brand that clearly differentiates from competition who offers commodity products. Birds Eye has always been synonymous with innovative, pioneering marketing and was responsible for the UK’s first ever colour TV advert back in the late 1960s.

Tryfon Tseriotis has been distributing the Birds Eye brand in the Cypriot market through Birds Eye UK, since 1950s.