Chrysodalia is one of the largest Cypriot companies engaged in the production of cold cuts. The company was founded in 2001 following the merger of two Cypriot companies with great tradition in the area of cold cuts production – Chrysostomou (1988) and Idaliou (1948).

Initially, Chrysodalia began its operations in the area of the Food Service, while from 2008 onwards the company penetrated the retail market as well. Today, Chrysodalia maintains a leading position in the Food Service and a competitive presence in the retail sector. The production of Chrysodalia cold cuts takes place in the modern facilities of the company’s factory which operates under strict hygiene conditions and is fully equipped with machines of the latest technology.

Chrysodalia has a wide selection of delicatessen as well as pre-packaged high quality cold cuts with over 50 choices, ranging from International to Cypriot specialty flavors, in the main cold cut categories of ham, turkey, pork loin, bacon, sausages and salami. Although, Chrysodalia’s core business is in the field of cold cuts, the company also produces a range of other meat products such as frozen burgers as well as Edam cheese and the Cypriot Specialty Cheese, Halloumi.

Tryfon Tseriotis have been distribution Chrysodalia products in the retail sector of the Cypriot market since 2009.