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Dr. Oetker is an internationally operating branded food company based in Germany. The formation of the company in 1891 resulted when the pharmacist Dr. August Oetker developed Germany’s first storable and tasteless baking powder, the Backin. With this outstanding innovation Dr. August Oetker laid the foundation for a major business enterprise and for the brand ‘Dr Oetker’.

Today, Dr. Oetker is represented in the retail trade food sector with an extensive product range of around 350 different products in Germany and some 3,500 internationally. International activities are focused on meeting consumer needs in the culturally diverse markets of Western and Eastern Europe, North and South America as well as parts of Asia and Africa.  Depending on the particular market, the product range covers the areas of ambient food (e.g., baking, pudding and dessert powders, and muesli), frozen food (e.g., pizzas and snacks) and chilled products (e.g., yoghurt, puddings, creams). The spectrum is completed by regional specialties such as sauces, as well as by product lines aimed at commercial customers through Dr. Oetker Food Service. Dr. Oetker is market leader in many of its assortments in several markets.  In Europe, Dr. Oetker occupies a leading position in the pizza, dessert and baking segments.

Dr. Oetker products enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide and have always been characterized by the highest standards of quality, taste and guaranteed performance.

Dr Oetker is positioned internationally with the motto “Quality is the Best Recipe”. This motto remains the rigorous and constant principle governing all entrepreneurial activities from the selection of raw materials, to the strict quality controls during production and to the continuous research and development of new successful products. For Dr. Oetker quality is not just a word, it is an absolute priority and the key to organizational success.

Tryfon Tseriotis and Dr. Oetker have been business partners for the Cypriot market since 2007.