Green & Blacks logo

Green & Black’s is a UK-based chocolate company, owned by Kraft Foods.

The company produces a range of chocolate bars, ice cream, biscuits and hot chocolate which are fully organic. The company’s  principal manufacturing sites are based in Canada, Poland, and Italy.

Green & Black’s was founded in 1991 by the organic food pioneer Craig Sams and his wife, the magazine editor and widely-published journalist Josephine Fairley. Green & Black’s brand name was derived not from the founders’ surnames, but from wordplay — “Green” standing for the environmental concerns of the founders, and “Black” for the high cocoa solids chocolate they wished to provide.

In 1994, the company began purchasing Fairtrade cocoa from Maya farmers in Belize for the Maya Gold chocolate bar, and was awarded the 1994 Worldaware Business Award for good business practice, as well as the UK’s first Fairtrade mark.

Tryfon Tseriotis and Green & Black’s have been business partners for the Cypriot market since 2009.