Hellenic Quality Foods (HQF) is one of the largest Greek food companies in Greece and belongs to I. Filippou Group. The company produces and distributes KANAKI Pastry Products, MIMIKOS fresh chickens as well as MIMIKOS chicken based cold cuts and other chicken based products such as breaded chicken fillets, chicken nuggets, chicken sausages etc.

The story begins in 1988 when I. Filippou Group bought KANAKI, a small plant producing dough products in Kamatero, Attica. In the following years, KANAKI S.A developed a range of authentic Greek dough products starting with Fillo Pastry and Kataifi and then expanding to a larger offer using its extremely creditable brand name to launch new categories on the Greek market such as pies and mini pies. In 1999, with the acquisition of MIMIKOS Bros, KANAKI S.A. was renamed to Hellenic Quality Foods.

HQF heavily invests on R&D, uses state of the art production facilities up to the latest health and safety requirements and advanced distribution network aiming to deliver high quality products to consumers in Greece and abroad. Both KANAKI pastries and MIMIKOS poultry are market leaders in terms of product quality and consumer preference in the Greek market.

Tryfon Tseriotis distributes KANAKI frozen pastry products in the Cypriot market since 2010