ORNUA, the former Irish Dairy Board, is a co-operative enterprise from Ireland owned by Irish dairy processing co-operatives and dairy companies and, through them, by the Irish Dairy farmers.

ORNUA is the new denomination chosen for a new free-quotas era in Europe that started on the 1st of April 2015. As Ireland’s largest exporter of dairy products, the company has been steadily building a global infrastructure to take advantage of the opportunities this new era in dairying will bring. A business with such reinvigorated ambition needed an identity that is fit for this new purpose – one that reflects its proud dairy heritage whilst clearly embodying its vision for the future. The new corporate identity, ORNUA represents a modern, transformative heritage in the making.

This co-operative of co-operatives was established in 1961, and it was created to centralize the overseas marketing activities of the Irish dairy products so as to achieve economies of scale and greater brand recognition. ORNUA’s global sales and marketing footprint of dairy products is supported by its own sales teams and selected agents and distributors. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, the business employs over 3,100 people globally.

ORNUA has organised its business across three focused business platforms, Consumer Foods, Dairy Trading and Ingredients and DPI, a specialty food distribution company in the USA. Group subsidiaries in the UK, mainland Europe and the USA pack, distribute and market a wide selection of branded products, dairy ingredients, speciality grocery, delicatessen and gourmet food items of  Irish origin products. Their crow-jewel is their internationally renowned KERRYGOLD brand and butter leader brand in Germany and 4th position in the USA, the Irish dairy industry’s most important marketing asset.

The Group has established strong routes to markets and today exports Irish dairy products to over more than 90 countries around the globe. It has become Ireland’s largest exporter of dairy products and a leading international food company. ORNUA, the Irish owned Dairy Co-operative reported a turnover of €2.3bn for the year 2014. Over the past fifty years ORNUA has developed into a successful international business.

ORNUA was awarded Exporter of the Year 2010 by the Irish Exporter Association in recognition of its export achievements and economic contribution to the country over the years.

Tryfon Tseriotis and ORNUA have been business partners for the Cypriot market since 1972.