John WestThe history of John West begins in 1857 in a small town of Oregon UK with the vision of one man, whose pioneering innovations and passion for fish set the foundations for canning of fish in order to serve the finest and tastiest wild fish from oceans and rivers. He was a man from a small town, with a big vision – to explore the seas of the world and use his fishing expertise to bring back the very best wild fish for people to enjoy.

John West in 1870 invested in his own fleet of fishing boats and soon became known as Captain John West. He believed that the only way to get hold of the best fish was to look after the fishing himself. This simple belief is still alive today.

A landmark year, in 1993, the Earth Island Institute assigned the ‘Dolphin Safe’ symbol to John West in recognition of fishing practices. This symbol is still displayed with pride on every single John West tuna can.

In 2000, the famous John West ‘bear fight’ TV commercial was launched, quickly becoming the most forwarded ad of the pre- YouTube era. This award-winning advert has been viewed over 300 million times. Another world-first as John West brings No Drain Tuna to the nation in 2009 – the same succulent tuna, but without the mess.

John West Foods Limited is the leading brand of canned tuna and fish in the U.K with worldwide presence in continental Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. John West brand is currently sourced from various canneries worldwide and markets more than 60 different canned food lines, ranging from Salmon, Tuna and Sardines.

In 2014 John West took an important step to show its responsibility on finding new sustainable ways of fishing. Since then, John West UK and WWF UK have been working in partnership on fish sustainability, to find out more please click here.

Tryfon Tseriotis and John West have been business partners for the Cypriot market since 1938.