There was a time when we used to have to choose between taste and health at breakfast time.  Thankfully those days are gone because Alpen, the original Swiss style muesli, is packed with all of the finest natural ingredients. Alpen No Added Sugar is made of the same delicious ingredients as Alpen Original, but the sweetness comes mainly from the juicy raisins packed into every box. So, you get the same great taste you know and love, but with no added sugar; just like it says on the box.

Alpen Muesli No Added Sugar is a combination of creamy rolled oats, juicy raisins, crunchy hazelnuts and almonds and wholegrain wheat flakes – all expertly blended to deliver health and taste together in one delicious bowl! Alpen Muesli is also low is sodium and fat, and high in fibre.

Alpen have recently just launched a bigger 1,1kg pack in a practical bag for those who can’t get enough of their favorite muesli!

Alpen which is the number one muesli brand in the UK (Nielsen May 2016) is the healthy breakfast that means you don’t have to compromise on taste!