The Greek pastry company KANAKI has enriched its ‘Memories from Greece’ range with the launch of a new Baklava drawing on a delicious and authentic traditional Greek recipe.

KANAKI Baklava is the perfect sweet treat for any occasion – be that after Sunday dinner or with your afternoon coffee. Every bite is a sheer delight with a rich almond, walnut and syrup filling wrapped in crisp golden layers of filo pastry. The delicious sweet is available in a special baking tray to enable easy cooking straight from your freezer.

With high quality ingredients lending a superior taste to KANAKI Baklava, it’s enriched by the rich flavors and aromas of the Middle East where Baklava originated before it reached Greece and Cyprus following the arrival of Greeks from Asia Minor. Drawing on tradition, KANAKI Baklava will without a doubt, be much loved by all ages, and devoured at countless family gatherings. 

A delightful treat for every hour of the day!