The Sales Department is dedicated to meeting customer needs as well as focusing on each product category.

The Sales Department’s structure provides the opportunity for more frequent and comprehensive visits to all outlets, improving customer relationships, identifying and satisfying customer needs, increasing item listings per outlet and achieving the best in-store presentation of products.

The structure of the  Sales Department  ensures a national coverage in the most efficient way in the Retail channel.

•Retail Channel  – Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Large and Small Groceries, bakeries and kiosks. The sales force                    covers more than 900 outlets with an in-house merchandising team, ensuring best display, stock replenishment and  rotation in the outlets.



The Marketing Department consists of a number of dynamic and qualified people that have their constant focus on the best applicable marketing strategy for each brand in the Cypriot Market. The Department is responsible for the development and growth/ expansion of every brand in the local market, always in line with the principal’s brand strategy. Emphasis is given on building the brands, recognizing trends and opportunities, organising above and below the line activities, being present in the market and exploiting new innovative ways of promoting and supporting the company’s brands.


Planning & Purchasing

The Planning & Purchasing Department is the liaison between the supplier and the company. Particularly, the department is responsible for the inbound supplier chain and ensures that products arrive safe and on time from supplier factories to Cyprus. The department is responsible for planning and forecating, costing, placing orders, export documentation monitoring, clearing products through Cypriot customs and checking and authorising stock invoices and payments.


Distribution Network

Tryfon Tseriotis is among the few companies in Cyprus that has proven track record on distributing multi-temperature controlled products covering ambient, chilled and frozen categories. Storage and transportion are all in accordance to Health and Safety standards. Our Distribution Network, services more than 1500 outlets nationally with additional support from an Ex-Van team ensuring that all types of outlets –  hypermarkets, supermarkets, large and small groceries, bakeries and kiosks- are well served by Tryfon Tseriotis.