Flaounes are a traditional Cypriot sweet and savory dessert prepared to be eaten on Easter Sunday for the breaking of the Lenten fast. They are traditionally prepared on Good Friday and Flaouna production can often be a family affair with multiple generations taking part!

Flaounes, which are a cheese filled pastry made with added raisins to give the sweetness, can be quite time consuming to prepare. KANAKI Readymade Pizza dough though is perfect to give you a helping hand! With the dough readymade, all you have to do is prepare the filling, put them together and your Flaounes are ready to be put in the oven to bake for just 20 minutes. Watch them become golden brown and enjoy the magical aroma that will fill your kitchen!

In the below video you can watch the famous Greek chef Giannis Apostolakis prepare Traditional Cypriot Flaounes in the simplest but most delicious way using KANAKI Readymade Pizza Dough.

Visit www.facebook.com/Kanaki.cy/ to find the recipe and see the full video. Enjoy!